Why Gartner listed Knowliah as Representative Software Vendor in the Corporate Legal Operations Technology Market Guide 2023

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On January 25, Gartner published its Market Guide for Corporate Legal Operations Technology. The Corporate Legal Operation Technology market guide is based on the offerings of nearly 30 vendors, covering a more expansive set of solutions than previous Gartner analysis of the legal tech market. You can read the full market guide here.

Knowliah has been selected as one of the Representative Vendors who deliver one or more of the core capabilities as described in the market definition and who have achieved a degree of visibility and traction in the market. The aim of this market guide is to help legal leaders find the best solution for their workflows. Knowliah covers all the necessary capabilities mentioned in the report. Here’s explained how and why:

External Matter Management

Never lose grip over your overall matter portfolio and start managing your corporate legal practice on a higher level, and easily collaborate with your stakeholders. In a nutshell, Knowliah’s Legal Matter Management module includes managing all aspects of the corporate legal practice. In the platform, Legal Departments can take care of all corporate legal matter types, which results in a variety of tasks: Disputes and Litigation, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Claims & Governance, Risk and Compliance.

E-billing and Spend Management

Knowliah optimizes the predictability of the legal department costs and makes it happen to demonstrate your business value even better.

Workflow and Automation + Collaboration

Knowliah supports organizations with their workflows regarding Contract Lifecycle Management, Claims & Litigation Management, Legal Entity & Equity Management, Legal Matter Management, Stakeholder Compliance Management, and Information & Knowledge Management. Build collaborative processes and workflows across your organization, also using the state-of-the art request portal, for business stakeholders to better collaborate, and automate processes for legal.

Document Management

Knowliah’s Document & E-mail Management software covers the most common issues with documents and emails by offering:

      • 360° overview on documents and emails, along with all related information

      • Smart template management and document and contract automation

      • A secure integration with tools like Microsoft 365, Outlook, Word, Teams, Gmail, and Google Workspace

      • Automated updates by an alert and notification system

      • Automated E-mail archiving

    Security, Mobility, Integration and Certification

    Ensuring secure access to the right information, by the right people, at the right time is essential to the success of your business. Knowliah invests continuously in the best-in-class privacy and security.

    Our platform allows you to connect with the tools you’re used to: Office365 (Outlook, MS SharePoint, MS Teams, OneDrive), Google Suite, CRM/ERP, E-Signing hubs like DocuSign, AdobeSign, etc. Thanks to a thorough integration via API’s and other integration mechanisms, you can integrate data, synchronize information, and Knowliah ensures that you can easily find all information and knowledge from these different tools in just one go.

    Search, Analytics and Reporting

    Knowliah’s platform makes it possible to search & find in internal sources like Shared Drives, Dropbox, MS SharePoint & Teams, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Knowliah Base, etc. Capture crucial knowledge by Drag & Drop with automatic meta-data attribution (powered by AI) and also capture all e-mail communications. On top of that, you will receive personal notifications on legal domains that matter to you.

    Regarding text analytics in documents, Knowliah offers:

        • Versatile text-analytics to provide better insights.

        • Automated intelligence adding context tags (meta-data).

        • Unlimited OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on documents, for example scanned PDF documents.

        • Auto-classification & Auto-summarization of documents and e-mails.

      AI and Advanced Analytics

      As trailblazers for almost 20 years in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Knowliah’s team have developed an AI-enhanced product, using a combination of algorithms such as optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), that analyzes documents and surfaces insights. You’ll gain an unparalleled ability to search for and identify links across different pieces of information. And you can rest assured that you will never lose an email, document, or piece of vital information again.

      Entity Management

      Knowliah offers the best-in-class Legal Entity and Equity management solution to organize and leverage insights from your entities and equities in the most compliant way. The platform supports the governance of the organization by offering a clear 360° view on all corporate documents, planned boards (and other meetings) and authorities of directors and managers.

      You can capture your crucial knowledge for smart re-use receiving personalized notifications in your domain of expertise. The software includes smart document templates, a clause library, meeting minutes drafting, structured overview (on roles, mandates, and DOA), a data room, a Corporate Documents database and Equity and shareholder overview.

      Contract Management

      Start managing all contracts in your organization in the most compliant way. Our Contract Lifecycle Management platform is a perfect and proven solution for legal teams and their business colleagues. Automate and streamline contract processes, from detection and import through pre-award contract management, management of operational obligations and collaboration via the legal request portal. By using Knowliah for your contracts, you will

          • Be pro-active in providing contracts to the business.

          • Automate the NDA request, revision and approval process.

          • Reduce the contract lifecycle time, by timely responding to the business needs.

          • Generate standard templates and clauses for easy re-use.

          • Capture the negotiation process from A to Z.

          • Enhance revision and approval processes, an integrated E-signing

          • Manage obligations and never miss key parts or a deadline of a contract process.

          • Link and store alle related communication about contracts at one place.

          • Support the business better in its contract compliance operations.

          • Reduce related risks and improve the overall compliance.

        IP Management

        Manage all Intellectual Properties in one platform to protect the company’s most valuable information and data.

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