What tools will law firms use in 2022? Knowliah named in The must have legal tech stack of 2022!

What tools will law firms use in 2022?

According to ‘The must have legal tech stack of 2022’ by Henchman, Knowliah should be one of the tools that law firms will use next year. Let’s explain shortly why.

Today, still a lot of lawyers and other users in law firms are losing precious hours every day by searching for the right documents or e-mails. On top of that, they are constantly recreating content they couldn’t find. A real bottleneck for delivering efficient services to the clients.

Thanks to Knowliah’s innovative and AI-based Knowledge Management platform, lawyers can easily search across all documents and emails in their Case Management system, Shared Drive(s) and MS SharePoint sites.

Not convinced? Hear what our customers say about us:

Bea de Waal, Chief Operating Officer at ARGO Law, confirms: “Thanks to the intelligent Knowliah platform, we can now easily find all the know-how contained in our Case System Dlex, on our Shared Drive, in SharePoint or in Knowliah’s automated knowledge base. Really everything has been cleverly made searchable and findable, with respect for security. This makes us more productive and enables us to improve our service to our clients”.

Gwen Bevers, Partner at Schoups, explains in The must have legal tech stack of 2022: “Nowadays, we keep most of our files electronically as much as possible. In order to do this, we use Dlex (a program by Kluwer) that will shortly enter the cloud. We continuously also examine alternatives such as Lawcloud. In addition, we try to organizeour library and know-how electronically as much as possible via the Knowliah database.”

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