Streamline legal services to the business by using Knowliah’s legal ‘ticket’ system!

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The most reliable Enterprise Legal Management platform on the market has been enriched with a request and self-service portal. From December ‘22, Knowliah has delivered its fully integrated Legal Request Portal in the overall Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution. The Legal Request Portal helps legal teams in coping with the growing demand of service from the business, and on top of that the portal makes it happen to deliver answers faster with less effort, and even automate them.

Time to say goodbye to an overflowing mailbox for legal departments

The multitude of email requests a legal department receives cannot be overlooked. Legal professionals shouldn’t be bothered anymore by repetitive requests for the latest version of a document or contract, an NDA, a general advice, or other frequently asked questions by the business about subjects where they have been advised for before.

The easiest way to streamline the legal services to the business is to implement an integrated legal “ticket” system, like for example Knowliah’s Legal Request Portal. Based on combined elements like legal domain, region, contract value, business department, etc. notifications of legal request will be sent to the Legal Team or to specific legal professionals.

Create, store, track and share contracts with the business

Contract lifecycle management is often a key responsibility of a legal department. Managing contracts or agreements correctly and keeping track of the relationship between entities, is a time-consuming occupation.

Knowliah has invented Knowliah Author to become proactive on contract creation, thanks to innovative templates and clauses, combined with a pre-contractual checklist. The pre-contractual checklist assists the business on reflecting on contractual elements (entity, counterparty, subject, obligations, liabilities, jurisdiction, index of prices, risk assessments, etc).

Give the business immediate access to legal knowledge

Prevent the legal department from being inundated daily with tons of requests from the business to obtain certain documents or legal knowledge, that should be so easily at hand.

Legal professionals send the same information repeatedly to different business stakeholders, a time-consuming task. Thus, to serve business stakeholders more efficiently and conveniently, the Legal Request Portal as part of Knowliah’s ELM module, allows the business users to have access to a knowledge base with content provided by the legal team.

What kind of content should you drop in the knowledge base? Here are some examples of important legal knowledge: most common legal questions/answers, general advice, explanations and context on legal subjects, specific trainings for the business.

Good to know: Knowliah can optionally also provide access to knowledge like a legal dictionary and training on “legal for business (non-legal)”.

Let the business enrich existing legal matters with information

Most of the time, your business colleagues are involved in legal matters. How productive would it be to allow these business colleagues to add relevant information to the related legal matters, even from their own mailboxes?

Knowliah’s Legal Request Portal makes it happen and assures that the legal team or legal matter owner will receive corresponding notifications on the newly added information.

Knowliah becomes your intelligent Legal Support Desk

Thanks to the structured overview section in Knowliah’s Legal Request Portal, a Business user gets a personal status overview on the outstanding requests or recently closed requests that he or she launched.

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