Quickly capturing all relevant data from your contracts? Knowliah does it in the blink of an eye!

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Knowliah sharpens its AI-driven Contract Lifecycle Management platform and allows you to centralise your contracts 7 times faster and manage your contract obligations. From November ’22, Knowliah has delivered its third generation of automatic data capturing from contracts with up to 20 core data points. Combined with the powerful Knowliah Enterprise Search, this is the most advanced Contract Lifecycle Management tool available on the market.

More data leads to excellent contract management

Data is key. There are numerous ways a data-driven approach helps organizations with their contract management and discover powerful insights. Having access to the right data facilitates the current way-of-working, control costs and mitigate risks.

“Without immediate, easy access to all your contracts and related information, your organization could be at risk.”

Yves Lefere, Commercial Director of Knowliah

Managing the Contract Lifecycle faces a lot of challenges: the lack of solid contract templates, no insight into all relevant data of a contract, manage contract obligations, search, reporting, etc. Most of these challenges can be easily addressed by introducing automatic data capturing for contracts. The right data technology will support the data-driven approach of managing all your contracts.

The key to success: enhanced AI for your contract management

As trailblazers for over 18 years in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and to relieve users of cumbersome tasks such as classification and search, Knowliah developed an AI-enhanced software product that analyses your contracts and surfaces insights. The Contract Lifecycle Management module is an all-in-one solution to manage all kinds of contracts. Detect, create, negotiate, review, approve, e-sign, archive, track and monitor contracts in a glimpse.

“We continue to invest in R&D and collaborate closely with several internationally renowned universities to optimize our products frequently. Our third generation of automatic data capturing, powered by Artificial Intelligence, stands out in the market”

Hans Van Heghe, Founder & Managing Director of Knowliah

Let Knowliah become your comprehensive and reliable contract data analyst

To quickly have a structured overview and understanding of all contractual aspects and obligations, Knowliah has ensured that in addition to just capturing the expiry date and other relevant dates of a contract, up to 20 other relevant and common data can now be captured from a contract.

What are the most crucial elements of contracts? Have a look at these examples: all relevant dates, contract type, counterparty, number of signatures, duration, applicable law, jurisdiction, region, language, change of control, confidentiality, liability – direct and indirect, data privacy, obligations, etc.

Thanks to Knowliah’s AI/NLP-empowered Contract Data Extraction technology, you will easily have the control over all contracts and their relevant data. Combined with the powerful Knowliah Enterprise Search, you can identify contracts saved on your file server, Teams, Dropbox, SharePoint or other Document Management System.

“Today, too many legal teams are still stuck in reactive mode, being worried about missing something critical for their business. Why? Because they lack JERI®– Just Enough Relevant Information, when and where needed. Knowliah’s fully integrated, best-in-class software solutions for contract and legal information management are tailor-made specially to meet the digital needs of Corporate Legal Departments”

Hans Van Heghe, Founder & Managing Director of Knowliah

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