New Product Launches & Releases Listed

Knowliah recently launched its Knowledge Management solution as an extension of the Knowliah Digital Workplace platform.

Users are now capable of:

capturing crucial knowledge in smart knowledge objects (9 pre-defined knowledge types)
launching cascaded search queries across different sources in their information and knowledge eco-system
finding experts, because in addition to enabling access to reliable information, the Knowliah expert locator identifies automatically calculated expert profiles

These are just a few of the features of this new and exciting release!

Recently, VCK-Kwinta – the membership organisation for quality managers – launched its “Kwinta Knowledge” platform to all its members. Thanks to full-text search with smart context filters, all Kwinta members can now instantly find and access templates, tools, research reports, articles, videos and presentations. Everything is intuitively organised into specific knowledge domains, which enables people to browse on the basis of their interests.

The regional business network Connecting Circles also launched Knowliah’s Knowledge Management solution in order to share, discuss, find and stay informed amongst members. Connecting Circles members are typically CEOs of large SMEs or senior managers of international corporations.

Furthermore, Knowliah is proud to announce that it has received a phase-1 grant from the EU in the context of the Horizon 2020 SME track for its Knowliah Community project. In this track, only 8 SMEs in the whole of Europe were approved. Knowliah Community fundamentally changes the way knowledge is valued and priced and focuses on 4 elements in the upcoming knowledge economy: Be JERI® (Just Enough Relevant/Reliable Information, when and where needed) informed with regard to your expertise with profiled summaries Create new connections between people based on similar or complementary expertise Collaborate and share in open and closed communities Monetize your peer-reviewed expertise and content contributions under CCL.

Automatic and smart archiving for your e-mail

Knowliah is proud to introduce its smart e-mail connector for MS Outlook: ​

All e-mail from the Outlook folders of your choice is automatically uploaded to and classified in a Knowliah repository.
All e-mail is centralised and secured in a Knowliah repository.
Compliance with European and national privacy laws and GDPR becomes easy.

Your instant benefits include:

Never again losing important correspondence.
Searching & finding any e-mail for re-use of expertise.
Obtaining a single 360° view on any context, together with other documents and information.

Knowliah breaks through in the legal profession

Knowliah hits the market with a smart, simple and secure Digital Workplace for the corporate in-house legal counsel: Knowliah for Legal Teams.

​This solution seamlessly integrates Matter Management and all related documents, contracts and e-mail into one user-friendly application. Thanks to Knowliah, legal professionals now experience:

a boost in their efficiency through integration (and re-use) of existing information and knowledge
an increased impact through smart reporting and improved risk management
an optimization of their limited resources through better a planning of their budgets, projects and priorities.

In partnership with FrahanBlondé, we recently organized 3 seminars at Living Tomorrow, which were attended by over 150 enthusiastic legal counsel. Several of them have already acquired the solution and now enjoy Knowliah’s new digital user experience based on the integration of our intelligent search, e-mail & document management, matter management, reporting, contract management, litigation management, knowledge management and entity management.

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