New partners join our Partner Ecosystem

We have recently welcomed a few new partner companies that are excited and motivated to help their and our customers create unique value with Knowliah. Each partner brings expertise and new creative applications to the table to help organisations manage and use their unstructured information and knowledge better and to the benefit of their business.

As of January 2016, Knowliah is an official partner of the Belgian institute of corporate lawyers (IBJ-IJE).

IBJ-IJE as a knowledge organisation and Knowliah as a knowledge expert form the perfect basis for a strong partnership. Knowliah offers a new digital user experience for the Legal Counsel with Legal Information & Matter Management, Document and Contract Life Cycle Management, E-mail Archiving, Data Room, Knowledge Management and Claims and Litigation Management, thereby increasing efficiency by over 50%.

Knowliah is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership with Somio, the specialist solution provider on the digital information market, based in The Hague in The Netherlands.

Somio offers expertise and solutions for structuring unstructured information and content in organisations. In other words, Somio helps organisations with their content governance, with content migration from old to new content and document management systems and with e-discovery of relevant information in existing digital content. Knowliah will contribute substantially to these services and solutions offered by Somio as this collaboration offers Somio access to the unique capabilities of the Knowliah technology, such as its algorithms for auto-classification, text mining and text indexation. By joining forces with Knowliah and its technology, Somio will be able to offer more powerful and unique solutions to organisations that want to migrate their legacy content and add structure and control to their unstructured information.

Our first joint projects have already delivered successful results and we are looking forward to a very promising collaboration.

We are especially happy that the following partners have chosen to implement and integrate Knowliah for their customers:

Exquando is specialized in the provision of services and advice in the field of document management.

Knowliah is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership with Exquando.
Exquando is a very successful consulting company specialized in the provision of services and advice in the field of document management. Exquando brings its skills and enthusiasm to organisations, thereby ensuring that:

their documents are protected
their documentation processes are optimized
the information contained in their documents is used to its full potential.

Exquando works at the interface between the technical services that implement content management systems and the users of these systems who are looking to increase their efficiency. It facilitates the implementation of content management systems within companies.

“By taking into account the organisation’s requirements, the technical constraints and the users’ expectations, we provide solutions that are fully adapted to what the different stakeholders really need”, emphasizes Marc Ansoult, Managing Director of Exquando.

Founded in 2009 by Marc Ansoult and Dara Duong, Exquando now has a team of over 40 colleagues who are passionate about their profession. The company’s know-how is based on many years of experience, particularly with large-scale engineering and construction projects and information governance projects in organisations.

Knowliah is very excited about this partnership and about the opportunities that it will bring to our mutual customers based on the combination of the expertise and the experience of Exquando with the power of the Knowliah software.

TCR Square helps organisations to define their most optimal e-mail archiving and content management.

Knowliah is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership with TCR Square. TCR Square helps organisations to improve their business results and manage their risks by offering solutions in three domains: Information & Content Management, Data Protection and Cyber Security. Thanks to this partnership, TCR Square had added Knowliah to its portfolio of solutions for its customers.

Joop Verelzen, General Manager of TCR Square, has chosen Knowliah for its extended functionality and user-friendliness, based on its powerful auto-classification and automatic indexing. Joop sees a lot of organisations struggle with their e-mail management. E-mail has become an essential tool for organisations to interact with their customers and support their core business processes. And yet, managing and processing e-mail is cumbersome and time-consuming. The volume of e-mail is constantly growing, and finding, accessing, storing and sharing e-mail-based information is costly and challenging for many organisations. In addition, searching for e-mail in view of serving customers or mitigating risk often results in a considerable waste of time.

The Knowliah Exchange Connector establishes an automatic connection between an e-mail server and Knowliah, and automatically transfers e-mail to Knowliah based on business rules defined by the customer. Knowliah automatically indexes and classifies this e-mail based on its content and characteristics. The result is a secure store of all business-critical e-mail, in which information can easily be found thanks to its Search Engine and Virtual Folders. As Knowliah is able to process all kinds of unstructured information, customers can easily extend this e-mail solution to include all other types of documents and unstructured information to create a true 360° view on all relevant information.

TCR Square offers a complete service to help organisations define their most optimal e-mail management and integrate their policies with the power of Knowliah Intelligent Repository. Knowliah is very excited about this solution-oriented approach and fully supports TCR Square to bring this unique solution to the market.

Bizzomate is the leading partner of Mendix and builds unique case management applications by seamlessly integrating Mendix with Knowliah.

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