Knowliah will be present in Berlin during the Unternehmensjuristenkongress (September 13-15, 2023)

BUJ Knowliah Sponsorship

Knowliah will be present in Berlin during the Unternehmensjuristenkongress (September 13-15, 2023).

The legal landscape is continuously evolving, demanding innovative solutions to streamline processes and enhance the efficiency of legal departments in today’s dynamic business environment. Knowliah has the honor of participating in and sponsoring the prestigious Unternehmensjuristenkongress on September 13-15 in Berlin, making a significant impact on the legal community.

What is Unternehmensjuristenkongress?

Unternehmensjuristenkongress, organized by BUJ ( Der Bundesverband der Unternehmensjuristen) is a premier event that brings together legal professionals, corporate counsel, and legal tech enthusiasts in Germany. It provides a platform for legal experts to exchange ideas, discuss emerging trends, and explore innovative solutions to complex legal challenges. This event has gained recognition for its role in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the legal community.

Knowliah’s Participation & Sponsorship

The Knowliah experts will welcome all legal professionals at our booth. They will showcase our latest advancements in legal tech and demonstrate how their solutions can revolutionize legal operations within organizations. Attendees will have the chance to witness firsthand how Knowliah’s platform can enhance productivity, reduce risk, and streamline legal workflows.

Knowliah’s sponsorship of the Unternehmensjuristenkongress exemplifies its dedication to supporting and advancing the legal profession. By aligning with such a prestigious event, Knowliah underscores its commitment to promoting innovation and excellence within the legal community.

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