Knowliah recognized again in 2020 as a Representative Vendor for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions

Another recognition!

Knowliah, also in 2020 one of the Representative Vendors worldwide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions. 

In 2019, Knowliah was named as one of the Representative Vendors worldwide in the October 2019 Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions by Gartner. Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. 

And also this year, we are very honored to announce that Knowliah has received this recognition again by Gartner. In the September 2020 Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions, Knowliah is mentioned as one of the Representative Vendors for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions worldwide. Remarkable: Knowliah is also this year the only Belgian software company, named in the list. 

To read the full report, click here (Gartner subscription is required)

It’s not the first time that Knowliah got recognized by Gartner this year. In the August 2020 Market Guide for Corporate Legal Matter Management, Knowliah was also named as one of the Representative Vendors worldwide for its Corporate Legal Matter Management Solutions

Recognized twice in 2020, why? 

Knowliah has been considered twice as a Representative Vendor due to its product Knowliah For Legal Teams, which is marketed and sold for Enterprise Legal Management & Corporate Legal Matter Management. Knowliah is well-known for its solutions regarding: 

  • Legal matter & Entity Management
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Litigation management
  • Automated E-mail Archiving with advanced search
  • Search & Knowledge Management

Where does Knowliah make the difference, compared to other vendors?

Knowliah has achieved some degree of visibility and traction in the market. The product Knowliah for Legal Teams, an award-winning legal tech solution, supports small, medium and large corporate legal teams across the globe, to increase efficiency, improve collaboration and reduce costs. 

Natural Fit

Knowliah: shaped by Legal and for Legal & its stakeholders. Our software smoothly integrates with the way-of-working of your legal team. There’s no better way to improve the collaboration than implementing the right Legal Tech solution. 

Effortless experiences

Save > 50 % of your time. Don’t waste countless hours in classification, search, reporting & monitoring, because Knowliah simplifies these processes. 
How? Thanks to integrated OCR, AI, NLP and strong Knowledge Management. 

Fast pay-back

Save over > € 90 000 each year, due to the fact that you are using the right Legal Tech solution. Knowliah offers a lot of extra benefits, for example: adding an unlimited amount of users, unlimited usage of OCR and unlimited amounts of documents, matters, entities. 

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