Knowliah mentioned as notable vendor in Forrester’s Contract Lifecycle Management Landscape Q1, 2023

Forrester CLM landscape

Knowliah mentioned in Forrester’s Contract Lifecycle Management Landscape 

On February 23, 2023, Forrester published The Contract Lifecycle Management Landscape, Q1 2023. This report contains an overview of 26 CLM vendors, including Knowliah. 

Knowliah’s Contract Lifecycle Management platform has been included in the list of notable vendors, thanks to its high-tech and domain-specific solution to manage contractual obligations. Forrester fact-checked this report with all vendors before publishing.

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Why is choosing the right CLM solution so important?

Without immediate, easy access to all your contracts and related information, your organization could be at risk. Due to disorganized and disparate contract management, a lost piece of vital information leads to devastating financial loss. Searching for templates, terms and conditions, clauses and definitions, wastes valuable time and money you’ll never get back. Missing deadlines and actions can set you back big time and damage your reputation.

All of these aforementioned issues can be avoided by using a trustworthy CLM solution that equips you with the tools you need to easily manage all contracts, ,during their entire lifecycle.

Knowliah’s Contract Lifecycle Management platform is a perfect and proven solution for legal teams and their business colleagues. Automate and streamline contract processes, from detection and import through pre-award contract management, management of operational obligations and collaboration via the legal request portal. Knowliah covers the most complete contract lifecycle of a contract by offering:

      • Detecting & importing contracts, powered by AI

      • Automatically capturing contract data, powered by AI

      • Smart contract templates with MS Word plug-in

      • A clause library

      • Contract automation

      • Capturing e-mail negotiations

      • Compliance and Operational Management

      • Legal Request Portal

      • Conditional workflows like Revision and Approval

      • E-signing

      • Advanced Search, including OCR.

      • Reporting & termination

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