Knowliah launches new module within its ELM platform: Third Party Risk Management

There’s no better way to analyse and minimize risks associated with third-party vendors or other stakeholders.

The number of new risks is emerging, while at the same time existing risks are getting bigger and more intense. The legal department of organizations feel the need for strong and secure third-party risk and compliance management. And that’s exactly the reason why Knowliah has developed a new module within its internationally praised Enterprise Legal Management platform, named: Third Party Risk Management!

What can you expect from this new Third Party Risk Management module?

The new Third Party Risk Management solutions makes it possible to manage the growing number of obligations on tracking and validating suppliers and customers. It’s a must these days to stay on top of the activities of customers, suppliers and partners.

Knowliah’s Third Party Risk Management adds an extra dimension to your registered counterparties in Knowliah, which contain the generic company data.  With this module, you will now be able to manage, next to the company data, contacts and roles, actual legal matters, closed legal matters, risk assessment, actions and dates with related alerts, notes and attachments and certificates.

Why should you start using it?

By implementing Knowliah’s Third Party Risk Management solution, you will deliver the most elaborated response to regulatory obligations and turn compliance into a competitive advantage for your organization. And if that doesn’t sound convincing enough, we have listed 12 major benefits – all approved by the users of the platform:

    1. Proof your compliance on managing and tracking stakeholders
    2. A single source of truth for all your corporate documents on a stakeholder
    3. Always finding important documents and certificates, crucial to the organization’s operations
    4. Being alerted of key events/dates
    5. Linking and storage of all related legal matters
    6. Risk assessment in different stages
    7. Continuous clear view on your stakeholder
    8. Complete 360° views on related topics
    9. Always finding relevant information
    10. Enhancing revision and approval processes
    11. Improving compliance and reducing related risks
    12. Less effort for managing stakeholder compliance

    Want to learn more?

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