Knowliah in the Belgian Legal Tech Map 2021 (made by Wolters Kluwer)

Knowliah in the Belgian LegalTech Map 2021

For the third consecutive year, Wolters Kluwer Belgium mapped out the Belgian LegalTech companies, start-ups, products and services. Knowliah was named in 3 important categories:

  • Corporate Legal Management
  • Contract Management & Document Creation
  • Knowledge Management & Archiving

The importance of LegalTech

LegalTech companies focus on innovation within the legal sector and create products, services and useful tools for legal professions such as lawyers, magistrates, corporate lawyers, civil-law notaries and so on. The main objectives of these companies are to offer tools and software to:

  • simplify processes and workflows
  • bring more quality
  • increase the value of a product or service
  • focus on more efficiency
  • realise time savings for the user

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