Knowledge Management for Corporate Legal Counsel

Webinar presented by Knowliah and hosted by ECLA

Does everyone in your team have access to all information, expertise and knowledge they need to excel? Do you continuously re-invent the wheel, answer the same questions, re-solve the same problems? Do you have a Knowledge Transfer program in place to address retirements, re-organizations, and people (temporary) leaving?

The importance of Knowledge Management keeps on growing every year. To boost the efficiency of legal departments, it is crucial to have an integrated approach on identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing of all company’s information assets. Do you have the time and the discipline to make Knowledge Management operational?

During this hands-on webinar, you will learn everything about Knowledge Management for the legal team and their stakeholders, with effortless experiences for the user.

Our two speakers, Hans Van Heghe and Yves Lefere, are both digital legal specialists in Knowledge Management and Enterprise Legal Management. They are eager to share all their expertise and knowledge with you.

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