How Knowliah can help your law firm cope with the increasing challenges in 2023

knowliah for law firms 2023

A new year, a new set of challenges appear for law firms. The competition keeps on growing, the regulatory environment is getting more complex, and clients demand service at a much higher level. To overcome the pressure that gets along with the main worries of law firms this year, Knowliah has the best-in-class Knowledge Management software in store for law firms. Every challenge can be tackled, with the right and easy-to-use software solution!

A complex compliance regulatory environment

Due to constantly changing rules and regulations, compliance for law firms has become very complex these days. Compliance is an unavoidable aspect of the job to provide the best legal advice. Law firms collect sensitive client data, which means a data breach, or a cybersecurity failure is devasting for the firm’s reputation and way of working.

Knowliah answers the most important challenges in a digital world, with ever growing volumes of data, information, rules, and regulations. Within the Knowliah platform, law firms create a smart knowledge base. Knowliah captures automatically important e-mails and documents (even scanned files), so lawyers get a complete 360° view on all cases.

Must haves for lawyers to tackle compliance issues:

  • Personal notifications: receive personal notifications and alerts, based on intelligent metadata (and keywords) combinations.
  • Wiki-knowledge articles in knowledge base: capturing crucial knowledge is accelerated with the use of preconfigured wiki-knowledge-articles.  They also provide a structured presentation to all relevant stakeholders within the Law Firm
Clients high demand for more value and faster service

Many lawyers will confirm clients are demanding more for less. The provided service should be more than an added value, clients don’t accept their lawyers spending numerous amounts of time on a first draft of a document. Clients expect from their law firms to invest in the right legal technology to take over unnecessary manual tasks. Turnaround times should we also way faster, so that clients can deal better with internal deadlines.

Must haves for lawyers to speed up their service:

  • Finding & reusing previous clauses and advice: Knowliah Author makes it possible to save previous clauses/advice for easy reuse, integrated in MS Word. Find in the blink of an eye the right clause or advice and insert it in your document.
  • Summary & preview available: For each document, Knowliah generates an extended summary (text + key data) and a first-page preview to speed-up the consultation of information.
The ever-growing competition seizes faster on all available technology solutions

To beat the competition, law firms must embrace more business principles and best practices. How? They need to start investing in marketing for their firm, hire non-legal professionals such as an Operations Manager to optimize the way of working, and implement the right technology and tools to deliver faster and better service.

Why using the right legal software matters? To not become out-teched as a law firm by in the first place your competitors, and in the second place by your own clients.  AI-powered technology helps to meet client expectations, facilitates cybersecurity, and increases the productivity of a law firm.

Must haves to beat the competition:

  • One platform where you can capture all important emails, information and knowledge. Drop relevant information, advice, answers in your Outlook-Knowliah folder for automatic safeguarding in the knowledge base. Never lose the 360° view on your cases or important communication flows.
  • Provide an effortless, fast, and secure experience in classification, search and reuse of information and knowledge.

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