From paper agreements to Qualified Electronic Signatures in Belgium, with DocuSign + itsme®

From paper agreements to Qualified Electronic Signatures in Belgium, with DocuSign + itsme®
E-signing has been implemented the last couple of years already in different business areas and it’s used more and more particulary when dealing with legal, business, and government documents.

The main question that arises is: “How to move from paper agreements to safe, qualified, and eIDAS-ready electronic signatures?”. DocuSign has the right answer!

Everything you need to know about Qualified Electronic Signatures in Belgium

DocuSign is known for its applications and integrations for automating and connecting the entire agreement process. DocuSign pioneered the development of e-signature technology, and today they help organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. They are aware of what is going on in the market. Specifically for Belgian users they can inform you about:

The legality and rules around electronic signatures in Belgium
The types of electronic signatures defined by eIDAS
The benefits of Qualified Electronic Signatures for your business
​Interesting fact: DocuSign eSignature has signers in 180 countries. You can sign agreements in 44 languages!

DocuSign is fully integratable with Knowliah

Knowliah allows you to keep working with the tools you’re used to: Office365/Google Suite; CRM/ERP; E-Signing hubs like DocuSign, AdobeSign, etc. The only difference is that Knowliah, thanks to a thorough integration, ensures that you can easily find all information and knowledge from these different tools in just one go.

Knowliah’s software offers legal departments to integrate easily with different E-sign platforms. The current integrations include: Adobe Sign, DocuSign & DIOSS Quill and others.

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