Digital onboarding of new employees in 5 easy steps

Digital onboarding of new employees in 5 easy steps 

Several new factors (e.g. the strict measures concerning Covid-19) have recently been a strong contribution to the ever-increasing trend of remote work. It’s not a secret anymore that remote work is changing how the global workspace operates. Companies need to embrace this new and growing digital way of working. They can also use these flexible online work options as a way to entice new employees. 

And this brings us to the following question: is it possible for companies to work entirely digitally? This includes that even the recruitment of new employees, the entire onboarding process and the way of working must be 100% digital operational. 

Yes, it’s possible! Some companies are already setting a good example. 

Knowliah is one of those companies which handles the recruitment, contract signing and on-boarding of new employees 100% digitally. We’ve recently hired our new Sales Development Representative fully digital, just by following 5 easy steps. 

Step 1 – Attract potential new hires with online job ads

Recent studies have revealed that 89% of job hunters search for jobs on online platforms and 16% of all applications are submitted via mobile phone. The video interview is also among top employment trends. People can find vacancies on a job board and apply for it in just a couple of seconds. Sounds pretty user-friendly and this trend will keep growing as it makes hiring procedures easier and faster.

And how do you write a good online job post? There are several elements that have to be present in an online vacancy or job post:

  1. A clear job description: describe the role and give the job seeker a glimpse into a day of his or her professional life. Mention the team, hours, goals, responsibilities, and other pertinent info.
  2. An overview of the requirements: mention the required and preferred qualifications, skills, traits, experience, and certifications that job candidates must possess. Be as specific as possible.
  3. Salary & Benefits: one of the most important things to know for job seekers are the salary and all the benefits that you as a company offer. Be honest. 
  4. The idea of the perfect candidate: describe the perfect candidate in all its facets. Don’t hesitate to mention specific personality traits! 
  5. Videos & Photos: bring your job post to life by using videos or photos. It’s always a good idea to include media to enhance the job seeker’s experience.

Step 2 – Organize job interviews completely online

A video interview provides a high degree of flexibility and efficiency. Also the appointment scheduling is simplified, because it is not tied to a trip to the office. Colleagues who should be part of the hiring process can take part in the interview regardless of their location. And finally, the fact that video interviews can be recorded, allows the recruiters to watch the corresponding recordings again.


Step 3 – The contract proposal, the discussion and officially signing of it, should take place completely digitally.

Did the job interviews go well? Time to offer the applicant a solid contract. This step can also be done 100% digitally.

How does this process go? First, you create a digital contract. Did you know that there are several contract creation tools, such as Knowliah Author? After creating the contract, you need to upload the sales contract you’d like to be signed or send. Don’t forget to use text boxes, signature boxes, or date boxes to format the appropriate fields in your document.

Questions or ambiguities about the contract? Such matters can be perfectly discussed by organising an online video call. 

Do you know Dioss Smart Solutions? With Quill, Dioss Smart Solutions offers a an easy to use web-based signing solution that provides user, document and workflow management. Dioss is one of Knowliah’s partners. 

Step 4 – Welcome the new employee with a well-designed digital onboarding process 

Congratulations with your new employee! Due to certain circumstances, are you unable to physically receive the new employee at your office? Then make sure you have an extensive digital onboarding process in store for him or her. 

Why is digital onboarding so important? Well, digital onboarding has many advantages over the traditional onboarding processes. Welcoming new employees that are virtually ‘good to go’ from day one has never been easier. Due to the different aspects of the digital onboarding programmes, the newcomers will become more confident and comfortable. They will get insight into the company’s culture and values and will learn about the priority skills and all the relevant information about the products & services. 

These elements were indispensable during the digital onboarding of the new colleague at Knowliah: 

  • online internal training on information management
  • online internal training on the Knowliah solutions
  • online internal training on Sales Processes and creating templates
  • online coaching on the job

Did you know that more than one-quarter of new employees quit their job within 90 days due to the poorly designed onboarding process they’ve been through? 

Step 5 – Create an efficient and pleasant digital workplace

The fact that working remotely is gaining popularity is no longer a secret. Employees create their own digital workspace at home. It is important that the company provides the employees with sufficient support and all the tools and materials they need .

Today, there are existing several communication tools to collaborate easily with colleagues from a distance. A daily on-line team-up via MS Teams ensures continuous digital interaction. Separated from each other, but never working alone! 

Moreover, Knowliah’s software makes it possible to work efficiently when not everyone is in the office. Everyone finds everything quickly, collaborate remotely on the right files and texts or documents become accessible to everyone.

Did you know that 64% of employees would choose a lower paying job if they could work not at a office but just from home? 


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