Data Localization Requirements & Trends – Where and how to store data?

Webinar hosted by ECLA and presented by Knowliah in association with Deloitte

Data Localization requirements & trends – where and how to store data?

Does your company manage and store legal data across different locations in different countries with different Data Localization Laws? Do you know which types of information can be centrally stored and processed, or is local storage mandatory?

These and other burning questions will be addressed during this instructive live webinar by experts from Deloitte and Knowliah. Georgia Skouma, Director at Deloitte Belgium Consulting & Risk Advisory has a seniority of 24 years in legal advisory, incl. ICT law, information protection and privacy. Together with Hans Van Heghe, Digital Legal Expert at Knowliah, she will share insights and practical take-aways on the topic, for you to gain a practical understanding of the context and relevant obligations for enhanced compliance, mitigate risk and prevent potential huge costs.

This webinar was organized by Deloitte, the world’s leading professional services firm, and their Alliance partner Knowliah, a lead provider of innovative and award-winning Enterprise Legal Management software solutions in Europe and beyond. Gartner recognized Knowliah several times as a Representative Vendor worldwide.

Get to know the speakers

Georgia Skouma
Director at Deloitte Belgium Consulting & Risk Advisory

As Security & Privacy legal director, Georgia Skouma helps corporate and public sector clients to design and implement pragmatic solutions that meet all legal privacy and data governance requirements. She has been advising Belgium-based companies and multinationals on almost all facets of personal data protection: design of privacy programs and cross-border data transfer mechanisms, privacy impact assessments, review of policies and implementing procedures and day-to-day privacy compliance work.

Hans Van Heghe
Managing Director, Knowliah

Hans Van Heghe is a proven expert, author and lecturer on Information & Knowledge management. With 22 years of experience in digital information management, Hans truly understands the daily challenges of Legal Departments. Hans Van Heghe therefore founded the company Knowliah to create pragmatic & multi-lingual legal software solutions.
Being familiar with methods and technology based on AI/NLP ensures that Knowliah is constantly anticipating on the approaching future and trends. As a strategic thinker, he is not only the architect of the Knowliah Solutions but also the inventor of the methods and algorithms behind the platform.

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