All you need to know about Security in Legal Operations

Presented by Knowliah, hosted by ECLA

All you need to know about Security in Legal operations

Access rights are important when it comes to legal information and its levels of confidentiality. But, in the today’s digital world, security is much more than just access rights. In this webinar, you will get an overview of all organizational and technical elements on security for Legal Professionals, helping you during your internal conversations with IT and CSO. We will share with you the do’s and don’ts, pitfalls and best practices on creating workable security.

Meet the Speakers

Hans Van Heghe
Managing Director, Knowliah
Hans Van Heghe is a proven expert, author and lecturer on Information & Knowledge management. With 22 years of experience in digital information management, Hans truly understands the daily challenges of Legal Departments. Hans Van Heghe therefore founded the company Knowliah to create pragmatic & multi-lingual legal software solutions.
Being familiar with methods and technology based on AI/NLP ensures that Knowliah is constantly anticipating on the approaching future and trends. As a strategic thinker, he is not only the architect of the Knowliah Solutions but also the inventor of the methods and algorithms behind the platform.

Yves Lefere
CCO, Knowliah
Yves Lefere has a proven track record as a Digital Legal Expert. He facilitates the digitalisation of legal departments and their stakeholders across the globe, by offering award winning AI-based Knowliah solutions for Enterprise Legal Management.
As a commercial engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and legal services industry, Yves is able to quickly detect and understand the challenges in Legal Departments’ daily way-of-working. Through his passion for legal tech, Lefere is always on top of the latest trends and evolutions, delivering high value to its customers.
This Webinar is hosted by ECLA: the European Company Lawyers Association. ECLA is a non-governmental & non-profit organization and serves as the umbrella organization for 19 company lawyers associations in Europe, representing over 42,000 inhouse lawyers from leading corporations across Europe.

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