AI Inspiration Session – AI for CFO’s and compliance officers – Allnex uses AI in Legal Operations to save time & money

AI Inspiration Session – AI for CFO’s and compliance officers 

Allnex uses AI in Legal Operations to save time & money

In every industry, chief financial officers (CFOs) must contend with a variety of challenges, including sluggish growth, new competitors, an evolving workforce, changing business models, exploding amounts of data, greater regulatory complexity and a persistent need to cut costs. In this environment, it’s no longer enough for CFOs to be the financial stewards in their organisations, ensuring finance reports are accurate and complete. In addition, they now need to harness the data flowing through the organisation to take on a more strategic role, helping fellow business leaders see not only where the organisation stands at any given moment, but also where it can and should be next week, next month and next year. In this session we will share 3 concrete use cases of Belgian companies having implemented AI solutions to support CFO’s and compliance officers.

The allnex  legal database system had become inefficient: data loading had become cumbersome and data retrieval and management were no longer user-friendly. This significantly hindered the effective work of the international legal department. Legal work requires repetitive activities that do need some input, but can generally be automatedAllnex implemented a modular software solution, based on AI, to allow their legal department to spend less time on repetitive activities and focus more on legal matters.
Speakers: Hans Van Heghe (CEO Knowliah) & Yves Lefere (CCO Knowliah)

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