Knowliah seamlessly integrates and connects with your existing environment. There is no downtime and other programs will continue to work like before.

Knowliah is a complete platform that offers a document management and an enterprise search component in one consistent user interface. Only Knowliah is able to offer a complete 360° view on all relevant information.

Knowliah’s open architecture offers different types of connections and integrations with other systems to ensure that the best method can be chosen:

Knowliah Connectors

Our Knowliah Connectors allow for an automatic connection between Knowliah and other sources of information like e-mail servers, file servers, portals and other document management systems. These are intelligent connectors that provide indexation and auto-classification of content with or without moving the source file to the Knowliah Intelligent Repository. Customers can add instructions to the Connector so that sources are processed continuously or rather on a regular basis. They can ask that source files are deleted immediately after processing or only after a certain period of time, and so on.

Knowliah Connectors are available for:

  • E-mail servers like Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Gmail
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox Professional
  • File servers (Shared drives)
  • Document management systems
  • Other Connectors are easy to build thanks to the Knowliah Connector Framework
Knowliah Web API 

The Web API enables other applications to use functions and features from the Knowliah platform. A CRM, ERP or any other application can use this API to offer a complete new user experience to its users. The API uses the power of Knowliah to manage, find and organize unstructured information. The Knowliah Web API is compliant with current standards and is based on REST, Jason and XML.


Knowliah Hotfolder

This is a very flexible and easily installable integration whereby Knowliah captures documents and e-mails that are saved in a folder on a shared drive. Knowliah reads, indexes and automatically classifies the information in this folder. The application of origin can include additional meta-data to be used by Knowliah. This function is extremely useful to integrate scanned or OCR-ed documents or to migrate content to Knowliah.

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