Stop losing precious hours and days, manually detecting where GDPR sensitive information is stored, through very expensive and time-consuming consultancy services

Since becoming compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is mandatory, but nobody knows where GDPR sensitive data (Personal Data) is stored, companies turn to excessive assessments, adaptations to software systems, manual identification of Data Subjects and Personal Data, building a Register, extensive programmes on change management related to internal procedures.

This, evidently, leads to very time consuming and expensive processes.

Knowliah saves over 80% of manual work and reduces your operational compliance risks.
  1. Connect your sources like Shared Drives, MS SharePoint/Teams sites, Email servers, OneDrive or Google Drives with the Intelligent Knowliah platform
  2. Knowliah will automatically index every document of any type, including OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for scanned PDF documents
  3. Knowliah detects Data Subjects and related GDPR sensitive personal data
  4. Those documents are automatically tagged
  5. Once tagged, Knowliah can automatically process them:

o Centralise the GDPR sensitive information in a secured Knowliah repository
o Anonymize where necessary
o Put a lifecycle on the information
o Search and brows across all GDPR sensitive information
o Govern, protect and audit where necessary
o Obtain extended reporting

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