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Without immediate, easy access to legal and operational information, your organization could be at risk

Any of these sound familiar?

A lost piece vital of information that leads to devastating financial loss.

Searching for a single piece of lost information wastes valuable time you’ll never get back.

Missing deadlines and actions can set you back big time and damage your reputation.

It’s easy to get stuck in reactive mode
worried about missing something critical for
your business.

“You deserve a solution
that equips you with the tools
you need to easily demonstrate
your business value.”

The best-in-class software to organize and leverage all crucial information

Knowliah provides you with the resources you need to be successful

Best-in-class privacy
and security.

Support to seamlessly migrate your
legacy solutions.

Integrations with your
existing systems.

user licenses.

Easily accessible legacy

Your instant benefits

The importance of managing information & knowledge

Harvard Business Review cited a study about collaboration between multiple people, proving that when certain people are forced to become information sources (for example because the way the company handles data is insufficient or too disorganised and a few key people need to continuously step in as “guides”),these very people become disengaged, burnt out and go from key players to bottlenecks that slow down important projects.(1)


(1) *Harvard Business Review, “Collaborative Overload” (January-February 2016) and “Employee Burnout Is a Problem with the Company, Not the Person” (April 2017)


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