Document & E-mail management

Without immediate, easy access to the right document or e-mail your organization could be at risk.

Any of these sound familiar?

A lost piece vital of information that leads to devastating financial loss.

Searching for a document or e-mail wastes valuable time you’ll never get back.

Missing deadlines and actions can set you back big time and damage your reputation.

It’s easy to get stuck in reactive mode
worried about missing something critical for
your business.

“You deserve a solution
that equips you with the tools
you need to easily manage all relevant documents and e-mails ”

Discover the most intelligent document & e-mail software solution

A wide range of secure, high-value and cost-effective solutions are offered to automate the process of analyzing, enriching and classifying texts, documents, emails and files.

Store documents and e-mails in as little as 2 to 15 seconds and then let our automated contextualization engine work in the background so the information can later be found when needed, and excluded when not required.

Best-in-class privacy
and security.

Support to seamlessly start managing your documents & e-mail at zero effort

Integrations with
existing tools like Outlook, Gmail

user licenses.

Easily accessible

The biggest benefits by using Knowliah for Document & E-mail Management

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