BusyLamp? Have you considered Knowliah yet?

Without immediate, easy access to legal and operational information, your organization could be at risk.

Any of these sound familiar?

A lost piece vital of information like a contract, a clause, a definition, a previous answer or advice, or an important email, putting your organisation at risk, and leading to devastating financial loss.

Searching for a single piece of lost information wastes valuable time and money you’ll never get back.

Missing deadlines and actions on contracts and other important matters can set you back big time, generate extra annual costs and damage your reputation.

As a solution, you were thinking of BusyLamp. BusyLamp offers only Legal Spend and Matter Management Solutions.

Discover the best-in-class Legal Operations software to organize and leverage insights from your matters and legal spend

Fully integrated, best-in-class solutions for legal & operational information management

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