Automated Archiving & Classification

Knowliah automatically archives and classifies documents and e-mail in a smart and secure repository

Store documents and e-mails in a web based repository, in a secured cloud or installed on-premise, in as little as 2 to 15 seconds. Then let our automated contextualization engine work in the background so the information can later be found when needed, and excluded when not required.

Knowliah’s technology automates and adds intelligence to the storage of your documents and e-mail, making it significantly easier to find the most relevant information quickly, even in a pool of unmanaged chaotic information.

Knowliah automatically extracts meta-data from the content of any text object (document, e-mail, …),for all information indexed by Knowliah, inside and/or outside of the Intelligent Repository.
Users do not have the discipline nor the time to manually classify every document and e-mail correctly, consistently and logically by adding meta-data or keywords for example. Knowliah does it for them, and offers them the option to validate the automatically attributed meta-data.

The meta-data are based on pre-defined and fine-tuned context models. Examples of classification models of meta-data include: Corporate legal department, Law firm, GDPR-sensitive information (Personal Data), Knowledge base or Generic information management.

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