Contract & Document Creation

Your professional life can be very chaotic, but contract & document creation shouldn't be

Any of these sound familiar?

A lost piece vital of information like a contract, a clause, a definition, a previous answer or advice, or an important email, putting your organisation at risk, and leading to devastating financial loss.

Searching for a single piece of lost information wastes valuable time and money you’ll never get back.

Missing deadlines and actions on contracts and other important matters can set you back big time, generate extra annual costs and damage your reputation.

To facilitate document and contract creation, Knowliah has developed Knowliah Author: a smart and simple document & contract creation tool.

The benefits of Knowliah Author

A fully integrated and smart contract & document creation tool

Knowliah Author is fully integrated in Microsoft Word, and thus fully integrated in the familiar working environment of the lawyer or legal professional. This user-friendly tool ensures that the user can effortless (re)use clauses and definitions dynamically, as well as different versions and translations of them.

The fact that the authoring tool is integrated in Microsoft Word, not web-based and focusses on text rather than fields, offers the legal professional or lawyer: ease of work, create and re-use your own text blocks, flexibility in automation and keep control over templates. 

Knowliah Author supports the Contract Lifecycle Management process, going from template design, document creation and generation, revision and approval workflows, e-signing and archiving

Also other business colleagues will enjoy the usefulness of the tool, as it will allow fully automatic generation of contracts, NDA’s and other legal documents, based on his or her specific requirements.

Discover the best-in-class Contract & Document Creation tool, combined with a premiere Contract Lifecycle Management platform