The digitalization of a legal department: Build your business case in 5 steps

The usage of digital tools will increase across companies in Europe. It’s clear also in legal departments the digitalization should be further developed. Legal tech software can be a valid solution to implement the various improvements quickly and efficiently.

How to build a business case for your department?

In this whitepaper, you discover the financial return that a legal tech solution can offer you and your team. Start building your business case in only 5 steps. Two legal digital experts, Hans Van Heghe and Yves Lefere, have pointed out which factors are crucial in finding the right solution and they will also reveal the financial benefit of it.

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  1. Step 1: Your current situation
  2. Step 2: Realistic direct gains
  3. Step 3: Valuable indirect gains
  4. Step 4: Applicable correction
  5. Step 5: The digitalization project
  6. The final result

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