How to speed up the digitalization of your legal department?

How to speed up the digitalization of your legal department?

Just as our entire social life is unstoppably and irreversibly digitizing, so are legal teams confronted today with an increasingly digitizing business world. Corporate lawyers are facing the major challenge to organize a complete digital transition in a very short time frame. So, time’s ticking…


How can you speed up the digitalization of your legal department? Here are your practical tips & tricks!

In this whitepaper, you will discover best practices to speed up and boost the digitalization of your legal processes. Hans Van Heghe and Yves Lefere, both digital experts in the legal industry, have bundled their relevant insights for you.

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      1. The importance of digital initiatives for legal departments

      2. Let’s digitalize your department in 9 practical steps

    •         Step 1 – How to address the Paper burden?
    •         Step 2 – Where to Store, secure and share documents and e-mails?
    •         Step 3 – Old existing legacy, to migrate or not to migrate?
    •         Step 4 – How to turn Searching in finding?
    •         Step 5 – What to do to realize overviews and Insights?
    •         Step 6 – How to collaborate on cases/Matters and related actions in a team?
    •         Step 7 – What to do to facilitate and speed-up Contract creation & management?
    •         Step 8 – How to stay tuned, Informed, and never miss deadlines or actions?
    •         Step 9 – How to Marry Business & Legal?   

       3. Conclusion? Remember R.U.C.A.H.D.

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