A quick-start guideline for your GDPR implementation

A practical approach with the complete guidelines to quickstart your GDPR implementation.

We at Knowliah like to share our Best Practice for a simple, quick, partially automated and affordable approach to implement GDPR compliance without worries. As such, we can show you a practical approach on how to balance effort with the essentials of GDPR compliance.

This content is intended for all SMEs and other organisations suffering from the GDPR burden, and not knowing how to start with GDPR compliance.

You can request a whitepaper, covering the following topics: 

Essentials of GDPR
GDPR bottlenecks
Best Practice overview

What you should know
Categories of (sensitive) Personal Data
Categories of Data Subjects
Principles of processing Personal Data
Lawfulness of processing
Domains and processes
Nature of processing
Purpose of the processing
Categories of recipients of Personal Data
Protection by design and by default
Applicable security measures
Communication to the Data Subject

Implementation guidelines – Preparation
Data Subject permissions and communication
Initials PII – Personal Information Identification

Implementation guidelines – Operations
Continuous operations
Proof of compliance
Impact analysis on existing/new/changing IT systems

Leverage your GDPR efforts with Knowliah
Knowliah product overview
Work involved
The extra benefits

This document does not claim to be an exhaustive and legal implementation of the Regulation. The objective of this document is to present a concrete and pragmatic implementation of a smart approach to a company’s compliance to the GDPR headlines.
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