Is your legal department digital and ready for tomorrow?
Are you tired of endlessly searching for information and even losing information? Is sharing the right versions with your colleagues, without complex security, still a dream? Do you have the feeling that you are constantly re-inventing the wheel? Knowliah now offers a new digital user experience for in-house legal counsel!
Boost efficiency

Easily find, store, share and manage documents, e-mail, templates, contracts and other data
Increase impact

Demonstrate added value, raise legal awareness, improve risk management, and support your push-back strategy
Optimize resources

Optimize resources like outside counsel management, improve budget planning, task management and reporting
Unique features

  • Simply drag and drop documents & e-mail with automatic classification
  • Always find through intelligent and advanced search
  • Create smart reports fast based on meta-data
  • Flexible tree structures for documents
  • Capture crucial information of entities and contacts
  • Manage legal matters like litigation and contracts
  • Have an instant 360° overview of a matter's status
  • Be alerted by automatic notifications
Smart Solutions & Plans

  • Intelligent search
  • Document management
  • Matter management
  • Risk management & reporting
  • Contract management
  • Litigation management
  • Advanced contract management
  • Entity management
  • Compliance & risk monitoring/E-discovery
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Custom Demo

You want to see Knowliah in action?
We will show you a customized demo, at your convenience, of the Knowliah platform with its exciting features such as auto-classification.


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