Your knowledge differentiates you from your competitors, but you do not know how to turn it into an asset?
In order to upskill employees, improve customer service and accelerate innovation, capturing, securing and re-using core and crucial knowledge and locating expertise within your organisation become vital to stay competitive in today’s knowledge-driven economy.
When it comes to solutions to problems or innovative challenges, your network definitely contains the right expertise for finding relevant and reliable solutions quickly and flexibly.
If you are looking to turn your knowledge into an asset, Knowliah can do great things for you!
Make users more efficient at securely accessing all knowledge and finding relevant answers, and accelerate innovation
Integrate newcomers faster and avoid knowledge loss when people leave your organisation
Reach (external) experts and their automatically captured knowledge for a competitive advantage
Knowliah’s technology profiles experts, automatically adds intelligence (contextual meta-data) to all your information, and captures crucial knowledge
With Knowliah Knowledge Base & Communities, all your knowledge is centralized in one place. With a question/issue-driven approach, securing and sharing knowledge becomes less intrusive and less threatening to knowledge workers. Consequently, a better knowledge result can be guaranteed.
Compared to other solutions, Knowliah offers more supporting features and automated intelligence, which results in higher savings and increased knowledge capture and re-use, thus valorization.
Combined with integrated communities and automated Expert Locator, Knowliah makes your valuable expertise visible to the users of the platform, and as a result generates extra business opportunities.

Capture crucial knowledge for your organisation with predefined wiki templates
Instantly find when searching for information with meta filters and browsing in virtual folders
Receive alerts for the areas and domains with potential risks for your operations
Better understand your market with automated monitoring and alerts of contextual information for websites and social media
Find experts who can help via automatic expert profiling
Discover relations with text mining and clustering
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