Can you find the content that you need to run your business?
Vital documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, technical documentation and other content such as e-mail are crucial for success. Yet, many organisations have documents stored all over the place – on desktop computers, on network drives, in e-mail, on USB sticks and in various unsecured file sharing sites – resulting in duplicates without any version control. Business-critical documents are only effective if they can be managed properly.
Manage and govern information securely throughout its life-cycle and reduce risks by being compliant and prepared for audits
Improve productivity in your business processes by saving valuable time otherwise spent searching for information
Facilitate secure collaboration, internally and externally, with full access from different locations and devices, at any time
Knowliah’s technology adds intelligence to all your documents and e-mail, by automatically enriching them with contextual meta-data
Contextualizing all documents, e-mail and other information types in Knowliah Intelligent Repository re-invents the way businesses use content and perform Document Management.
With Knowliah, sharing and re-using information gets a new dimension, making you more productive.
The pre-defined Context Information Models for different business applications, combined with the cutting‑edge auto‑classification engine (to automatically add contextual meta-data) enables you to achieve consistency, intelligence and zero effort for the user.
All your information is presented in personalized virtual folder structures, depending on how you want to view the information.
Integrated into your existing applications, the 360° one single view for only relevant information residing in Knowliah and related to the specific context of the transaction you are in, presented in a personalized way, is now only a click away.

Instantly find when searching for information with meta-filters and browsing in virtual folders
Optimize your business processes with context-driven workflows and data objects
Manage access rights with contextual security and log & audit trail
Seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise systems
Avoid misuse of wrong versions with version management and publishing
Discover relations with text mining and clustering
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