Migrating legacy content from one source to another is a burden, and at the same time an opportunity, to increase and improve your current information management
Any change of system that involves unstructured information requires a lot of effort and causes a lot of issues with regard to documents, e-mail and other unstructured information:
  • How to extract content from the existing systems?
  • How to clean and enrich those documents, e-mail, pictures, etc.?
  • How to decide on the value and thus the destination system? What is obsolete? What to archive? What to throw away?
  • How to import this content into the new system?
Depending on the lock-in behaviour of of your current system’s vendor, a custom connector will be developed to extract the content and related meta-data from your current systems
The Knowliah auto-classification engine adds intelligence and context to your content automatically on the basis of a Context Information Model, which starts from a best practice configured for your organisation. This process includes de-duplication and near-duplicate detection.
Thanks to the intelligence added automatically by Knowliah, simple and/or complex rules can be configured to help decide which content goes in which container.
Knowliah’s methodology and technology helps you to successfully migrate and import existing content from your legacy systems or from a network drive into a Knowliah Repository or any other application, with a high level of automation
Thanks to Knowliah’s expertise and technology, your expensive legacy systems do not need to remain operational anymore:
  • an efficient, effective and true Best Practice for migrating legacy content
  • zero effort for the user with regard to classifying information
  • consistent classification throughout the entire organisation
  • automatically enriched content
  • de-duplication and cleaning of existing legacy content
  • automated context-driven routing rules.
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