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You want to become an expert in Information, Document and Knowledge Management?
Simply enroll for our pragmatic and interactive course!
Paper – Documents – Cases – Communication – Collaboration – Knowledge – Experts – …
play a crucial role in your operations and activities. At the same time, they are a cause of problems, complexity and stress.
As a result, productivity, efficiency, risk management and customer service become jeopardized.
As a course participant, you will acquire:
  • a better understanding of the what and why of information and communication issues
  • an overview of lessons learned and good/best practices within this domain
  • knowledge about a practical framework to deal with the digital workplace better, as an organisation
  • insight into ways to realize a personal efficiency gain and reduce stress
  • a first step towards a personal and organisational plan of action for this matter.
What you get
Having completed the course, you will know and understand the fundamentals of information and knowledge management. You will be ready to:
  • participate as key collaborator in a KIT (Knowledge Information Team)
  • act as an internal project leader implementing DMS or KM projects
  • deliver advice as an external consultant implementing DMS or KM projects.
Practical details
  • 2 days or 4 evenings
  • in the Knowliah offices (near Brussels) or onsite at your company.